Breakfast & Lunch Program

Great Hearts Monte Vista partners with Preferred Meals for the Breakfast and Lunch program. Please make sure that your student’s account maintains a positive balance to ensure there is no disruption to their meal service. See Negative Meal balance Policy below. You may add funds to this account by
sending cash or check to the front office or by setting up an account and paying online at The website will allow you to review purchases and balances, as well. To register for a mealtime account, you will need your student’s mealtime ID. To request your child’s ID, please email Please use this MealTime Online Parent Guide, if needed.

This school year, Great Hearts Texas will be offering healthy meals every school day to all students at no cost! We are excited about this opportunity from the Texas Department of Agriculture to serve over 8,000 students in Texas. (Note: Second meals will be charged full price. A La Carte items such as milk will be charged if purchased without the full meal.)

While no further action is required from your students to participate, we highly encourage you to fill out the Free and Reduced Application for other discounts and benefits to our school. Please see full information and instructions in the email link immediately below.

Free Meals and FRL Application (parent email from July 30, 2021)

***The 2021-2022 Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are now available to complete online. You may apply online at***

If you did not receive your child’s Mealtime ID or if you have any further questions, North families (Grades 6-12) please contact Mrs. Canady and South families (Grades Kinder-5) please contact Mrs. Linville.


District Local Wellness Policy
Great Hearts Wellness Policy